Thank you for the great Season of 2016 for all who attended.
Hope to see you all again next year.

In the basement of an abandoned asylum, there were a few inmates lost and left behind. Forgotten, they lived their lives alone in the dark, undisturbed until now. Find out if you have what it takes to survive in the twisted labyrinth of. . .


*not intended for small children

Suggested age - 10 and up

Please no cell phone use, flashlights,
laser pointers, photos or video devices.

Sorry, this location is not wheelchair accessible.

We do not assume responsibility for trauma
caused by shock, fear or physiological distress.

Strobe lights in use.


Original soundtrack
by Leif Hansen of
Oneiroid Psychosis

Special thanks to:

Amy and Howard Waddell, Kris Hansen, Shawn Christensen, Meagan Kruenegel, Joe, Gunner, and Raiden Sweeney, Kaitee Persack, Aurora K, Paul Robertson, Shane Reinicke, Kendrick Eichelkraut, and Tom Muschitz

©2016 The Insanitorium